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Facilitation and Training

  • Group and event facilitation

  • Facilitation skills training

  • Community development learning workshops

  • Tailored design and delivery of community development training workshops and learning programmes for community activists, experienced and less experienced practitioners, as well as tailored programmes around community development, community engagement etc for local authorities and other public bodies

  • Development and production of training manuals and materials


Examples of work include:

  • community group and neighbourhood development

  • design and delivery support for community engagement, participation and development programmes and projects

  • people based regeneration and capacity building initiatives

  • network design and networking facilitation

  • community cohesion – understanding and facilitation


Mandy supports and facilitates understanding, skill development and reflection of community development practice and policy.


Examples of work include:

  • Design and delivery of training programmes for local authority staff e.g. Cumbria County Council, Great Yarmouth Borough Council

  • Creation with colleagues of Community Works training programmes around community development, evaluating community development, engaging communities and facilitating events.

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