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Community practice and programme development

  • Advice, facilitation and support for community-led development  

  • Design and delivery support for community engagement, participation and development programmes and projects

  • Community group and neighbourhood development

  • Network design and networking facilitation

  • Community cohesion – dealing with conflict, mediation and building understanding

  • Bridging and linking policy and practice

  • Designing and facilitating creative approaches and techniques to enable maximum participation


Conscious and reflective community work practice is a key theme in my work. In 2002 I co-authored the publication ‘Building Practitioner Strengths’ (CDF) which provides a framework for use in planning and reflecting un practice as well as approaches to supervision, peer mentoring and team/collective learning and development.

Examples of work include:

  • National multimedia evaluation of Big Local programme, 2015 - ongoing (University of Birmingham)

  • Support for People's Health Trust projects, 2018 - ongoing

  • Learning partner to various Community Organisers programmes 2011-2020 (Locality and COLtd)

  • Research into community responses to COVID-19, 2020-2022 (University of Birmingham)

  • Impact assessment for Family Voice project, 2020-2021

  • Relationship Manager and Advisor to Our Place (Locality), First Steps (CDF) and Community Economic Development (Co-ops UK) Programmes 2014-2017

  • Facilitation for community group meetings and events

  • Participatory design and collective action planning

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