Mandy has a background in community development, as a practitioner, manager, policy developer and evaluator, at local, regional, national and international levels. She brings extensive experience of working on ‘both sides of the equation’ i.e. with decision makers and power holders as well as with voluntary organisations and community based organisations, and understands the potential and challenges of collaborating for transformational change.


For 13 years, Mandy was a founder Director of COGS Consultancy, At COGS, she was involved in national and regional policy development and delivery, as well as action research studies for voluntary and public sector bodies. From 2007-10, Mandy managed the design and delivery of the Yorkshire and Humber Empowerment Partnership.


Mandy is a skilled facilitator and communicator, and uses wide ranging networks to link organisations and promote best practice. She has experience of managing innovative and improvement programmes in the UK and in Romania. Mandy has worked in partnership with many other organisations, and is an enthusiastic networker and collaborator.


Mandy is author of many publications (including for DCLG, Policy Press, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Housing Associations Charitable Trust, Community Development Foundation).

Current voluntary roles and appointments:


Member of Community Development Journal Editorial Board