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Our Bigger Story:

Big Local residents stories on film
Mandy has co-authored many publications and produced a number of practical handbooks.  Here is a selection of some of them, with detailers of publishers and links for download.

Community responses to COVID-19, reports and briefing papers 2020 - 2022, for Local Trust


Our Bigger Story, Big Local evaluation reports (Angus McCabe, Mandy Wilson and Rob Macmillan), for Local Trust


Locally Rooted – The place of community organising in times of crisis (Marilyn Taylor and Mandy Wilson), for Community Organisers, 2020


Unleashing the Potential – The COEP Learning Report, (Marilyn Taylor and Mandy Wilson), for Community Organisers, 2020


Evaluation Report produced by Imagine (Marilyn Taylor and Mandy Wilson) for the Community Organisers Mobilisation Fund 2016

Funded by the Cabinet Office (Office for Civil Society and Innovation) and the Department for Communities and Local Government, this programme provided an opportunity to explore the ways in which community organising, could increase the take up of community rights and neighbourhood planning.


Learning reports produced by Imagine (Marilyn Taylor, Mandy Wilson and Tricia Zipfel) for the Community Organisers Programme 2011-2015


The Power of Listening: Reflections and Learning Over 4 years​. Summary of Learning from programme (2015)

Volunteer Voices (2015)

Learning about Learning: A Community Organisers Learning Journey (2014)

Learning and Change in the Community Organisers Programme (2014)


The Community Organisers Social Action Fund, Final Evaluation Report, Summary of Learning and Case Studies (2015)

Interim summary report from evaluation of Big Local, 2016

TSRC, University of Birmingham, Our Bigger Story Interim Summary

Chapter with Marilyn Taylor, Community Organising for Social Change, in Class and Inequality: Rethinking community development in the age of austerity, eds M. Mayo and M. Shaw. Policy Press 2017.


Marilyn Taylor & Mandy Wilson, (2015), Changing Communities: a report for the Baring Foundation based on research to identify the support that voluntary and community organisations may require to adapt to local demographic and cultural change. Baring Foundation

Marilyn Taylor & Mandy Wilson, (2014) Urban Forum Legacy Report 1994 - 2014. A memory of what's possible: the community sector at its best.  Urban Forum


Assessing Community Strengths

(Steve Skinner and Mandy Wilson, reprinted 2008, available from Community Development Foundation)

Assessing Community Strengths grew out of a piece of work developed and tested in Bradford. It has been applied in many neighbourhoods and partnership areas across England and Wales as a systematic approach to community led capacity building strategies. 


Communities R Us; new and established communities working together

(Mandy Wilson and Tricia Zipfel, 2008, hact)

This report is designed to share the learning from Communities R Us with people who wish to promote cohesion in their neighbourhoods including tenant, resident and community groups and people from local authorities and housing organisations who want to support them.



Learning to Change Neighbourhoods: evaluation of the Guide Neighbourhoods programme

(with Angus McCabe et al 2007, CLG)



Changing Neighbourhoods, Lessons from the JRF Neighbourhood Programme

(Marilyn Taylor, Mandy Wilson, D Purdue and Pete Wilde, 2007; Policy Press)



Evaluating Community Projects – A practical guide (with M Taylor et al 2005, JRF)



Making Connections: An evaluation of the Community Participation Programmes

(with M Taylor, D Purdue et al 2005, ODPM)


Improving Neighbourhoods and Supporting Active Communities: the Impact of the Single Community Programme (Government Office for Yorkshire and The Humber 2005)


A guide to frameworks and tools for Community Involvement, Participation, Capacity Building & Development

(2004, COGS and South Yorkshire Coalfields Partnership)


What works in assessing community participation?

(Danny Burns, Frances Heywood, Pete Wilde and Mandy Wilson 2004, available from Policy Press)

This report documents the results of the road-testing of two frameworks for assessing community participation: Active partners: Benchmarking community participation in regeneration (Yorkshire Forward, 2000) and Auditing community participation: An assessment handbook (The Policy Press, 2000).


Making Community Participation Meaningful

(Danny Burns, Frances Heywood, Marilyn Taylor, Pete Wilde and Mandy Wilson 2004, available from Policy Press)

This is a companion handbook to the above and provides approaches and tools for development and assessment. This report will enable users of the handbook to understand the practical issues they will face when applying the new assessment framework.



Building Practitioner Strengths: revised and shortened version

(Mandy Wilson and Pete Wilde, 2001, CDF)

A guide to reflective practice for community development practitioners and managers


Community Economic Development Framework; COGS for South Yorkshire Objective One

This framework, developed with voluntary and community sector organisations for the South Yorkshire Objective 1 Directorate, aimed to help communities and neighbourhood ‘anchor’ organisations to plan and assess their progress and development in relation to skills and organisational themes.

(Guidelines and support materials available on request)


Community Involvement Toolkit for Museums, Archives and Libraries; Mandy Wilson and Pete Wilde for Yorkshire Museums Council

This is a set of standards and guidelines which provides a practical resource around enhancing community involvement for those working in the heritage sector. 

Download: Museums Community Involvement Toolkit

Active Partners: Benchmarks for Community Participation (Yorkshire Forward 2001)

Active Partners is a set of benchmarks and guidelines for planning and assessing community participation in regeneration initiatives.  The benchmarks, originally developed on behalf of Yorkshire Forward, have been adapted for use by a wide range of programmes and projects.

Download: Active Partners.pdf


PERFORM: Planning and Assessing Outcomes for Infrastructure

This was designed as an outcomes based framework and application guidelines for use by voluntary and community sector infrastructure bodies.

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