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What I Offer

I offer a range of services including facilitation, action research, tailor made training programmes, consultancy and evaluation. I bring many years of knowledge, skills and experience as well as up to date thinking on the current policy context.

I have extensive experience of:

  • Community empowerment and participation processes.

  • Facilitation of training courses, workshops and conferences.

  • Development and design of creative approaches and techniques to enable maximum participation and individual and group development.

  • Action research and evaluation.

  • Networking and partnerships.

  • Voluntary and community sector organisational development.

  • Capacity building with a range of stakeholders

  • Strategic planning and assessment processes and frameworks

  • Writing and production of reports, training manuals / materials, handbooks and other publications.

  • Developing community development learning resources and opportunities.


The following principles underpin my work:

I believe that local residents should drive community development in their own communities. This means:

  • Supporting community confidence, building on local skills and experiences and supporting the development of local leadership. 

  • Involving people in processes which are developmental in their own right.

  • The appropriate use of imaginative and creative approaches to enable participation.

  • Community engagement in the policies and programmes which shape people’s lives.

  • The need for community development agencies and practitioners to network, understand, reflect upon and learn from context and practice.

  • The development and understanding of community development as a local activity, as a strategic intervention and as a policy framework.

  • The importance of continual reflection and evaluation of progress.

  • Acknowledgement of difference and respect for diversity

  • Commitment to understand power and equality / inequality of opportunity                   

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